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Effective Prayer Requests

We can all pray for one another, and by believing that God, through our Lord Jesus Christ is able to answer our prayers for someone or a situation, we can see real results and benefit from proven testimonies through faith.Let us use this wonderful privilege to sow seed of goodness, build our faith and be effective in our walk with God for global healing, blessings and deliverance.

Please use the form below to summarise your prayer points then send it across and we will pray for you to achieve desired results.


Prayers can be very simple and short, so please don't feel compelled to write long statements to highlight the specific areas that you would like to pray about. You will be doing the praying for someone else (friend, family, situation, government...etc) and in return, indicate whether you also need prayer, by providing details related to your prayer request..

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Daily Effective Faith Quotes

Whatever you face, remind yourself that you can handle it just bcuz God says so,He promised that you’ll never face anything you can’t bear. He takes into account all the weight, all the trouble, disappointments, failures, all the bad breaks, but He’s given you the hidden strength, the courage, the fortitude to withstand ,Bcuz u are "Designed to Withstand" Therefore , know this, that What you’re believing for is not way off in the distance; it’s not years down the road. It’s at hand; it’s closer than what our ugly past is saying in our hearts, therefore, Live with expectancy of faith each day by thought , word's and deed ,when our faith does not posses daily expectancy by thought, words and actions, our faith will b based on desperation, fear, hopelessness and religious devotion that can not withstand the challenges we must face as cost of bringing change to this dying world.walk into realm of Miracles restoration this season by faith expectancy.
James C Edeh
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